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Pastor Stephen Troester—“Knowing God's Will”

At the heart of using our time effectively is knowing God's will.  If we understand the role God is asking us to play, we'll be much better able of organize our priorities and plan our time.  Come learn how God speaks to us and how we can understand what He's asking us to do.  Then we can learn how to do God's will.

Shannon Badger – “Doing What's Important”

As a homeschooling mother of ten, Shannon has had to discover how to organize a home, teach a generation of young people and, for her own sanity as well as her ministry as an everyday Christian, find time to do important things.

The session she teaches will share information from business resources that she has used to distill the two most important things she has learned in almost thirty years of raising a large family. Those two things are: 1) that no person has to do anything alone and 2) do the important things first. They are applicable no matter your age, sex or marital status!

Jim Kackley—“Realizing Your Dreams:  Making Your Days Count”

“So teach us to number our days,

That we may get a heart of wisdom.”

Psalm 90:12

Effective time management has become a popular topic, especially in business and self-help circles.  Research provides a host of activities to speed up what's necessary and make your time more productive.  All those techniques are important.  But we Christian's have something more—the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit can add to your effectiveness every day in a way that secular techniques cannot.  Then if you combine knowing God's will with the Holy Spirit's power, you can do amazing things for the Lord and create much satisfaction and success for yourself.

Come and see how all this works!